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Get Involved With KPERS' Board of Trustees

KPERS board members serve an important role overseeing operations and safeguarding the System’s assets. Retired and active members can run for an elected board position and get involved. Board duties and members

In April 2017, members will elect two board members. To get on the ballot next spring, you need to collect 100 member signatures on a petition and submit an affidavit.

Download Candidate Nomination Petition form
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New Rules for Working After Retirement

Legislation will change "working after retirement" rules for KPERS members and employers (not KP&F or Judges) beginning July 1, 2016.

Retiree Benefits
Are Safe

House Sub for SB 161 provides for the delay of about $100 million in State and School employer contributions to KPERS for this fiscal year. House Sub for SB 249 provides that the funds will be repaid in full by June 30, 2018. The State will pay 8% interest to KPERS on the unpaid balance.

The delayed payment to KPERS will not affect retiree benefit payments. Retirees will continue to receive their regular monthly benefits on time and in full.

What's New?

2016 KPERS Legislation

Several KPERS issues were rolled into one bill, House Sub for SB 168. The bill made changes to working after retirement, logistical improvements for the KPERS 457 plan and technical clean-up for the defined benefit plan. Brief legislative summary (PDF, 87KB)

The Legislature did not pass anything related to final average salary in the 2016 session. There were no changes in this area.

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