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Benefit Details for Retired Members

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Starting Your Benefit

You need to apply to receive your benefits. They don’t start automatically.

Getting ready to retire? Be sure to submit your Application for Retirement at least 30 days before the day you want to retire. You also need to provide birth and name change documents. Get more details on the steps to retire.

If Your Joint Survivor Dies

Some retirees choose the joint-survivor option at retirement to provide a continuing monthly benefit for someone after the retiree’s death. If your joint survivor dies, be sure to let us know. We’ll cancel your joint-survivor option and increase your monthly benefit to the maximum amount. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to name a new joint survivor.

Retiree Death Benefit

When you die, KPERS pays a $4,000 lump-sum death benefit to your beneficiary. You can name a person, estate, trust or a funeral establishment to receive your benefit. KPERS does not pay the death benefit automatically. Your beneficiary should contact KPERS to receive an application when the time comes. Note: Legislative session employees do not receive the death benefit.

Retiree Death Benefit flier (PDF, 195KB)

Info for the Funeral Industry (PDF, 197KB)

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In general, your benefit is taxable for federal income tax and not for Kansas state tax. Learn more about KPERS & taxes.

Every January, KPERS will send you a 1099-R form for your taxes. If you are a new retiree and took a partial lump sum, you’ll get two. One for your lump sum and one for your regular monthly benefits.

Moving? Tell KPERS.

It’s important to keep your address up-to-date. You can change your address:

How to update your address

Name a Beneficiary

It’s important to name a beneficiary. You can make changes anytime in your online account or send us a new Designation of Beneficiary form. Only you can change your beneficiary.

When you change your beneficiary, it cancels all earlier ones. KPERS must have any beneficiary designations before your death for the changes to be effective.

More on naming a beneficiary.

Power of Attorney

Be sure to send KPERS a certified copy. This is legally equivalent to the original document, complete with your notarized signature. Without it, KPERS can’t conduct or discuss your retirement business. Even with your family members.

If the document is activated by a specific date, event or condition, your attorney in fact should send KPERS an affidavit stating that it is activated when the date, event or condition occurs. If you revoke your power of attorney, be sure to let KPERS know in writing. These requirements are meant to protect your personal info and to make sure your power of attorney is legitimate.

If the person with your power of attorney will be handling your KPERS business, there are a few things you should know.

He or she can:

  • update your address or other information if it changes.
  • conduct banking or account number changes for you.
  • discuss KPERS business on your behalf.

He or she cannot:

  • change or remove your KPERS beneficiary.
  • designate a new KPERS beneficiary.

Acceptable Documents

For Proof of Birth, Photocopy of:

  1. Birth certification
  2. Baptismal certificate or a statement as to the date of birth shown by a church record, certified by the custodian of such record
  3. Notification of registration of birth in a public registry of vital statistics
  4. Certification or record of age by the U.S. Census Bureau
  5. Hospital birth record, certified by the custodian of such record
  6. Foreign church or government record
  7. Signed statement by the physician or midwife who was in attendance at birth, as to the date of birth shown on their records
  8. Naturalization record
  9. Immigration papers

If unable to provide the above proof, submit a copy of 2 of the following:

  1. Military record
  2. Passport
  3. School record, certified by the custodian of such record
  4. Vaccination record, certified by the custodian of such record
  5. Insurance policy application that shows the age or date of birth
  6. Marriage records showing date of birth or age (application for marriage license or church record, certified by the custodian of such record or marriage certificate)
  7. Other evidence such as signed statements from persons who have knowledge of the date of birth.

For Proof of Name Change, Photocopy of:

  1. Marriage or other court records showing birth name and present name (If a person has had more than one name change, records submitted must reflect all name changes.)
  2. Name Change Affidavit (KPERS-40NC) or other affidavit from a parent listing all name changes
  3. Request for Member Information Change form (KPERS-12) signed and submitted to KPERS by designated agent at the time of the name change will be acceptable for name changes occurring during employment.
  4. Federal Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9)
  5. Driver's license
  6. Social Security card

If unable to provide the above proof, submit a copy of 2 of the following:

  1. Name Change Affidavit (KPERS-40NC) or other affidavit from two persons declaring that the persons have known the applicant by all names in question
  2. Birth documents of natural child if document shows both the given name and the married name
  3. Other documents showing both names in question such as school records, medical records, insurance policy application, etc.
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