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Retirement Hindsight

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What would you tell a younger you?

We asked some KPERS members, both still working and retired, what retirement prep advice they would give their younger selves. Hindsight is 20/20. See what they had to say and share your advice, too!

Target Date Funds

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A Fund for the Rest of Us

“I know I need to save extra for retirement. But the investment choices are overwhelming and I'm not sure what to do.”
Is this you? You’re not alone. According to a March 2014 article in The Wall Street Journal, many adults avoid making savings and investment decisions because they think it’s too complicated (45 percent), don’t have enough time (37 percent) or don’t know how to get started (18 percent).

It's Easy on Autopilot

Tandem, KPERS' 457 savings plan, has an option to make investing easier – Vanguard Target Retirement Funds. Many other financial services companies have similar types of target date funds.
See the May 2014 issue of BenefitWise, page 3, for more.