New Employer Contact

You've found it! This is the best place to start when you're a new KPERS Employer Contact.

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Welcome to the KPERS Team!

What is a Employer Contact

A Employer Contact is an employee from a KPERS-affiliated employer who is a liaison between the Retirement System and his or her employer. A Employer Contact's main responsibility is to relay Retirement System information to members and perform transactions using the employer web portal (EWP). For more info, visit the employer manual section Designated Agent.

Distributing Information

The Retirement System will provide Employer Contacts with information to relay to KPERS members. Retirement System changes can affect members on a day-to-day basis, so it’s important to distribute member information in a timely manner.

Examples include:

Legislation affecting a member's retirement planning

Notice of upcoming KPERS information meetings

Open enrollment and other timely emails

Member annual statements

What you send to us?

In order to stay up to date and accurate with members' KPERS accounts, we rely on YOU to send us information. This includes payroll information along with other items.

Helpful Information

Employer Training & Education

Each fall, KPERS hosts in-person employer workshops across the state. We also host online workshops, as well as other topical and timely webinars. If you're an Employer Contact, we have something for you. Visit the training & education section to check out the opportunities.

When You Have Questions

The Employer Manual will have the most up-to-date information and is a great resource when you have KPERS questions. You can also contact the Retirement System if you need additional help.

Using the Employer Web Portal (EWP)

Each Employer Contact will fill one or more KPERS-related roles and perform specific transactions on the EWP, which includes:

  • Enrolling employees
  • Reporting pay info
  • Providing end dates
  • Paying invoices

The Basics

This series of stripped-down employer videos to get the big-picture. More to follow.

Publications to Help Employers

Member Publications

Career Stage Planning